Top 5 Free Must Have Tools For Business Owners

Top 5 Free Must Have Tools For Business Owners

Top 5 Free Must Have Tools For Business Owners

Creating a new business is a great challenge, you can never predict all the problems that you’ll have to face. Limited time, manpower, and budgets can all deprive you of the motivation to take action. With a solid team and the right tools, you’ll soon be on your way to acquiring your business potential. Here are 5 free great tools that every small business should use to increase the growth of their company. TEST


Hotjar - Top 5 Free Must Have Tools For Business Owners

Let’s say you’re curious how your visitors are actually using your website—where they click, how far they scroll, etc. Tools like Hotjar can show you exactly what your visitors are doing, via heatmaps, clickmaps, scrollmaps, and visitor recordings. Hotjar also has options to analyze your funnel and to insert messages and surveys to your visitors.

How we use Hotjar: User research can be incredibly powerful stuff. We find great value in seeing how someone interacts with blog posts. How much of the post do they read? Where do they pause? What do they click? Seeing all this information helps us design our posts in a clearer way.


Grammarly - Top 5 Free Must Have Tools For Business Owners

If you always worry about using the correct version of lose/loose, there/their/there, or other similar pairs, Grammarly is the tool for you. Grammarly checks contextual spelling, 250 grammar rules and has a host of other tools available to help you get accurate and original content. Their plagiarism checker is an absolute necessity if you hire freelancers to write for you or your blog.


Zapier - Top 5 Free Must Have Tools For Business Owners

Most modern web apps have an API (Application Program Interface) which third-party developers can use to interact with it. They can do things like upload information, download stored data and otherwise hook into the app. If it wasn’t for Twitter’s API, we’d all be stuck with just their official clients.

Say you want to automatically download any email attachments sent to your Gmail account to a specific Dropbox folder. Well since both Gmail and Dropbox have APIs, with Zapier you can. Every new email attachment you get will trigger Zapier to download the file and upload it to your Dropbox. Zapier calls these trigger-action pairs Zaps.

Zapier has more than 500 apps connected to their service. For each app there are a couple of triggers and actions. You can even have one trigger perform multiple actions. This means there are essentially unlimited unique Zaps to be made, which your business can put to use for better task automation.


Mailchimp - Top 5 Free Must Have Tools For Business Owners

For small businesses, spreading information about their service, product, or idea is a priority. Social media is one way to gain potential clients, but the key to success is making them stick to your product. It is where MailChimp becomes a useful tool. It helps users create email newsletters to be distributed to their current contacts. People lacking tech or design experience can create a pleasing E-blast that will grab and hold its reader’s attention. Sending these newsletters on a regular basis can help keeping people interested in your offer or a website.


Trello - Top 5 Free Must Have Tools For Business Owners

Trello is an easy-to-use project management app that tracks your team’s workflow. Each card you create on a Trello board represents an assignment or task. You can add members, comments, attachments, checklists, due dates, and labels and stickers to make the cards as descriptive as possible. Whenever you change a card, Trello notifies each member via email and on mobile devices.

Entrepreneurs have a variety of opportunities which can improve their company in all areas: marketing, customer relationship management, accounting, communication, and even entertainment. Tools presented above are just the part of the vast amount of instruments available for small businesses.

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